Smoking Cessation Resources

  1. Watts Health Center Smoking Cessation. The Watts Health Center offers free classes every Tuesday morning at 10:00 AM to help anyone who is interested in quitting smoking. Classes are perfect for people who enjoy a social atmosphere. They provide educational videos, more tips and tricks, and also provide a supply of FREE patches!The Watts Health Center is located on 10300 Compton Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90002. Click here:
  2. California Smokers’ Helpline 1-800-No-Butts (1-800-662-8887) offers free telephone counseling, self-help materials, and online help in six languages to help you quit smoking. FREE patches also offered! Spanish: 800-45-NO-FUME
  3. USC Pharmacy Smoking Cessation. One-on-one consultations with a clinical pharmacist are available to help you develop an individualized smoking cessation plan and to offer suggestions for coping with withdrawal symptoms. Follow-up visits can help you quit for good! For general public appointments, call 323-442-5882 and ask for a smoking cessation visit.
  4. CA Department of Public Health Visit their website to have access to smoking cessation resources and educational videos that can help you quit smoking.
  5. WebMD 13-Best-Quit Smoking Tips Ever offers a presentation on thirteen tips that can help you quit smoking:
  6. Quit Smoking Tip Sheet offers motivation, education, and support for cold-turkey nicotine cessation.
  7. HelpGuide offers self-help tools to empower readers to effectively deal with mental, emotional, and social health challenges.
  8. Milner-Fenwick Education for Better Health provides positive life-style change in a variety of topics, such as smoking, fitness and nutrition, among others.
  9. Mesothelioma: The Dangers of Smoking and Asbestos Exposure provides information on the risks of mesothelioma from asbestos exposure and smoking.
  10. The Recall Report provides even more information on the importance of quitting, and provides information on why cigarette alternatives may not be the best choice.
  11. Healthline is filled with content that’s informative, easy to understand, and engaging. Each article on the website is written and reviewed by medical professionals.