Privacy Policy

Protecting your privacy while visiting our website is our top priority. We use the highest privacy standards to allow our visitors to safely use our site to gain an overview and greater insight into their lung cancer screening information needs.

All health and health-related information contained within the Healthy Lungs Healthy Life website is intended to be general in nature and should not be used as a substitute for a visit with a health care professional. Your health care provider should be consulted regarding matters concerning your medical conditions, treatment, and needs of you and your family.

Although every effort is made to ensure that the material within this website is accurate and timely, it is provided for the convenience of the website user and should not be considered official. Users of this website are advised to refer to and rely upon the official version of information when making significant decisions.

What Information is Collected
Our system routinely collects information about the origin and site navigation of website visitors. Information collected includes IP address, pages visited, as well as information about your browser type and operating system. This information is used only to help us continually modify and improve the site based on usage patterns and is not linked to any personal identifying information.

In order for us to contact you in scheduling a visit for lung cancer screening, we will collect your name, email, and address as well as lung cancer risk profile such as smoking history through this website. The data will be encrypted for transmitting to our secure server behind the firewall of the University of Southern California (USC).

For those identifying information, only authorized staff of the Healthy Lungs Healthy Life project will view the information and provide the appropriate response. We do not give, share, or sell any personal information to a third party unless required by law.

You are under no obligation to provide personal information through our website. You can call our staff at (213) 304-3044 for alternative methods of providing your information.

If you do submit personal information, you have the option of asking that such information be removed from our system by using this form.

Information Security
To ensure the highest level of security, access to your data on our site is password-protected, and sensitive data is protected by encryption when it is exchanged between your web browser and our data center. We frequently monitor our system for possible vulnerabilities and attacks and have security measures in place to help prevent unauthorized access to and misuse of personal information.

Email Security
Our staff may contact you by email using an email account under the USC domain. Because normal email is not encrypted, the possibility exists that unauthorized individuals may intercept email messages sent by our staff. USC is not responsible for privacy of email messages except those stored in our system. Please note that USC would never ask for personal information, such as bank account information, through email. Should you ever receive such a request, contact the Internet Crime Complaint Center, which is a partnership between the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center.

Links to Other Sites
In order to provide other sources of information for our visitors, some pages within this website are linked to websites not managed by the Healthy Lungs Healthy Life project. Please note that Healthy Lungs Healthy Life does not review, control, or take responsibility for the content of those sites.

Terms of Use
Healthy Lungs Healthy Life reserves the right to remove any comments or feedback from its website that are profane, defamatory, or off-topic.

Notification of Changes
Healthy Lungs Healthy Life has the right to make changes to the website Privacy Statement. Any changes shall be effective on the date posted.